Puppy Training and Socialization – Valuable Information

‘Dog is man’s best friend’ – this holds true beyond any doubt. Many people prefer to go for a pup rather than a mature dog as they feel it will create a much better bonding and also bring in much more fun, love, and laughter in their life. It is right also, but then getting a pup means some additional set of responsibilities too.

Once you bring the pup home, you have to teach it virtually everything, including the socializing part. This training ensures that it will grow into a confident, happy, and well-adjusted dog and companion for life.

Puppy Training and Socialization

If you are amongst the few who considers that training is something that resolves a behavioral issue in an older dog, then you are wrong. It is always good to start the training and socializing of the pup early as it prevents predictable behavior problems. Once progressed, these problems become difficult to handle if the dog matures. It is something similar to discipline – just like the way training a child when a kid is easy rather than trying to mend their ways when they are teenagers or adults.

When the pup comes to you leaving its biological parents, it actually looks towards you to take care of it. This care doesn’t end at providing food, shelter, and love, but extends to providing the training as well. Any pup that is less than 5 months of age is very receptive to absorb all the information that you can provide. Thus, it always makes sense to start early and this training about socialization that you provide in this tender age shapes its future personality permanently. It is these training and socializing tactics that it learns between few weeks old and five months of age, which decides its reaction to things in its environment once it becomes an adult.

The sole idea behind socialization is to help your puppy to develop into a well-adjusted and confident adult. This socializing training includes getting it acclimated to different types of sounds, sights, and smells. This needs to be taught in a positive manner. A pup that is taught and trained well turns out to be a self-reliant adult that is capable of saving its own life as well as that of others.

If you research, you will find that the number one cause of dog’s death below the age of three is not diseases but behavioral issues. If pups are not trained in socializing, when they get lost, they wouldn’t know how to react in the company of a stranger. On the contrary, a well-trained pup can carry itself very well when lost. In case the original owner cannot be traced, there could be many takers for this pup in which case it can adjust well to the new surroundings without much trouble.

These are just a few benefits that are discussed here. In fact, the list of benefits of puppy training and socialization is just endless.