Do’s and Don’ts for Mixing Wet And Dry Dog Food

Wondering what is the best tips to follow while mixing Wet and Dry Dog Food for your puppy?

We have the solution for you! Many of us are unaware of what kind of food our pets like, especially when our pets start losing interest in food. Many pet owners get into heated discussions about the best kind of food to feed to their furry friends.

Fortunately, there are few tips to regain your pet’s interest in food. Mixed feeding is one of the best solutions for your dog’s diet.

Mixing Wet And Dry Dog Food

Do’s and Don’ts for mixing Wet and Dry Dog Food:

    1. Do Add Water to Dry Kibble: Generally, dogs love dry food. If your pet has lost interest in its food, then try to add water to its diet. You can do this by adding ¼ cup of water to dry kibble. This is done to moisten the diet and enhance the flavor of the food. If your dog is frequently affected by dehydration, then you must try this. You can also ask the veterinarian if this would be beneficial for your dog.
    2. Don’t Mix Therapeutic Food with Normal Food: Never mix therapeutic food with your dogs with normal food. They will have an adverse effect on your pet. Therapeutic diets are given to prevent your pet from unhealthy conditions. Mixing normal food with therapeutic food might lead to dilution of the properties of the food and also counteract the benefits for your dog.
  1. Do Consult Veterinarian before Mixing Pet Foods: Many pet foods are prepared to keep the health conditions, specific lifestyle and life stage of the pets in mind. If you are having the least idea about mixing pet foods, then better don’t do it without consulting the veterinarian. This might lead to undesired weight loss or weight gain of your pet and worsen its current health condition. The veterinarian can give you the right guidance about feeding your pet.
  2. Do Improve the Dry Food You Feed to Your Dog: Dry dog food lacks digestive enzymes. They also lack few nutrients and minerals, which are essential for the good health of the dog. So, try to find the best kibble and add some digestive enzymes to it. In the first few bites, your dog would eat the digestive enzymes and the food consumed thereby gets easily digested. Also, add some lightly steamed vegetables to boost the antioxidants in your pet. They should be finely grinded
  3. Don’t Feed Cooked Bones: Never feed your dog with cooked bones. It can rupture and sprinter the intestine of your pet. Raw bones are good to feed when compared to cooked bones.

These are some of the do’s and don’ts to be followed when you mixing wet and dry dog food for your puppy. Hope you enjoyed our article, check out our other pages to learn more about how to keep your puppy healthy and obedient.