Why Do Puppies Need Chew Toys?

Puppies are the most adorable creatures ever to set foot on this earth. They are certainly God’s gift to us and their cuteness can be seen when they play with their new chew toys. Almost all puppies have a need to chew, which is why we provide them with chew toys to nibble on so that our precious shoes and paperwork stay safe. There are various reasons why chew toys are a requirement for puppies. All puppies go through this phase of teething. You have to be careful with its behavior during this phase of your puppies, feeding them with right toys will help your puppies to get rid of their teething phase comfortably.

puppy chew toys for teething

Here are a few reasons why puppies need chew toys:

  • Teething: The most common reason for why your puppy has the desire to chew is teething. A puppy starts teething when they are about two months old as their milk teeth are just forming and when the milk teeth fall and adult teeth come out, around four to six months of age. During this time, they instinctively end up chewing to help their teeth through the process. This also helps to relieve the tingling sensation that comes during the formation of teeth.
  • Keep Their Teeth and Gums Strong and Clean: Another common reason why they need a chew toy is that when they chew something, they are actually trying to stay hygienic. We humans generally brush our teeth. For our beloved canines, the process of brushing the teeth is foreign and their way of keeping their gums and teeth clean and strong is by chewing something. The best thing to chew at that moment is a chew toy.
  • Exercising Jaw Muscles: It is noticed that dogs that chew during their early ages end up having stronger jaws in their adulthood. Chewing keeps the jaw muscle functioning, which makes the jaws stronger. However, this exercising shouldn’t be let to grow unnoticed as it might end up becoming a habit in later years.
  • A Cure for Boredom: Puppies have an energy level equal to that of a newborn baby and it constantly needs something interesting to happen. When they get bored, they chew. Therefore, if you need your clothing and important furniture to stay intact get your puppy a chew toy. They can chew for as long as they feel like and it keeps them busy and your furniture and other amenities safe from any kind of destruction.
  • Obsession: Many puppies have disorders like obsessive chewing disorders that make them want to constantly keep chewing something or the other. If your puppy has the same disorder, you would want to get him a chew toy or the puppy would make your hand or other body parts as its chew toy.
  • Responsibility: Many dogs instinctively start chewing when they are young. This is because their instincts tell them that they would need to go and hunt for food and protect themselves or their family members during the later stages of their life. Therefore, a chew toy is the best way to control your pup’s emotions or it may wreak havoc on your home.

Puppies are adorable no matter what they do, so next time your pup starts chewing your hand or clothing, you should get them a chewing toy instantly.